tailored sheets.

i'm georgie.
21 going on 40. media graduate/skateboarder. no idea what i'm doing with my life.
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Haven’t posted in nearly two years, and have only lost about a third of my followers. I wonder if any of you still exist ?

Probably going to start tumbling again to avoid “real life” and getting a “real job” because that just sounds awfully stressful.

so much stuff,

not enough suitcases.

also, on closer inspection, my bike appears to have no pedals. this is a potential problem.

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I need to start packing

to move into my house. the house that will only spend 48 hours maximum being anywhere remotely near clean; will never actually have internet because nobody can be bothered to sort it; will probably kill me as it has shitloads of stairs and i can’t do stairs drunk; can never have heating as it’s incredibly expensive.

but still i’m actually moving into a house.

like, my house.

bit scary.

Bon Iver - I can’t make you love me / Nick of time

i may have to start tumbling again.

to all the like, 5 followers i have left.

ways to avoid being productive…

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